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Your Portrait Session


Your Portrait Session

I specialise in Portraits, including Children and Families, Maternity and Babies 

& Feminine Fine Art Portraiture.

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Children and Families

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Your session usually lasts between 2-3 hours, but you can book the whole day if preferred.

I approach all aspects of portraiture in the same way – laid back and relaxed -plenty of time to explore, hunt for bugs, dress up, have a picnic or just read a book or strum the guitar.

Included is a face to face consultation at The Hayloft or over the phone. This helps me to get to know you and find out what really makes you all tick; the quirks, the favourite books or bands, food and hobbies. These little details are at the heart of the portrait; for me to understand what makes each child special and important.

We discuss clothing & style to coordinate with the whole family and I will supply you with a ‘Hints & Tips Style Guide’ encouraging a change of clothes and guidance.

Children & Family Session Fees: £125 (Weekday) £145 (Weekends) for children and families (up to 5 people) 

£195 for larger & extended families

(no prints or digital files are included)

Presentation pieces such as Albums and Frames etc. can be purchased at your Viewing appointment.




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This is the one time in your life you might not have thought about photographs until you realise how fast time goes – you will look back with warmth & amazement when your children have really grown up and those who never experienced a pregnancy shoot will always wish and wonder.

The right time for a maternity photography session is between 32 and 36 weeks when your bump is really visible.

I recommend you wear whatever you feel comfortable in – a loose fitting blouse or shirt, a floaty dress, vest and jeans, maternity wraps.

Sessions are usually about an hour or two depending on your comfort and take place in your home where you will feel relaxed.  Making best use of the beautiful natural light enhances and flatters your new shape.

Make a whole day of it – maybe pop to the hairdressers or have a relaxing massage beforehand.


Newborn and Babies

Newborn sessions are from 6-14 days new when little ones are still in the curled up stage & are absolutely gorgeous with soft tummies and curly toes. The best time to book your session is during your pregnancy and if you text or email me once your baby is born (some Mums do this from hospital) we can arrange a suitable time for you.  E:celia@celiamay.com

Sessions are fairly slow paced – allowing 2-4 hours taking into consideration sleep patterns, cuddles and feeding times of your baby.

I will bring everything to you, including blankets, wraps & props, so you can find time to relax a little!

Click here to book and order your free Maternity & Baby Guide

Older babies welcome – If you miss the newborn stage please call me to discuss the best time for your baby to have a baby portrait, as every baby will be different.

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Session Fees: include the time and experience of the photographer.  No prints or digital files are included.      Maternity or Baby Session fees:£125(Weekday) £145(Weekends)  Special Fee for two sessions £195 
Two Sessions Package 
£250 includes one 9×6” print from each session                                        ‘BABY’S FIRST YEAR’ Package  £375  Choose from THREE sessions: Maternity 32- 36wks, Newborn 6-14 days,  6-7 months (sitting) and 12-13 months (walking)    INCLUDES one 9×6″ print from each session


Viewing Your Portraits & Ordering Session

As I am telling a story of your family at a particular stage of your lives, I will present around 60 images onto a large screen at The Hayloft or at your home a few weeks after the shoot.  I spend a good deal of time editing the images to a high standard in preparation for your viewing.

Please measure your walls & have a think about what you would really love – a collection of images in a Story book or Memory Box and maybe a few favourites hanging on your walls in contemporary Acrylic or Aluminum, or a traditional and stylish Framed Collage?

Click here for ideas on displaying your photographs



Feminine Fine Art Portraits

Fine Art Portrait composite

Show your feminine side

Suitable for us women who daily trip over the kids shoes in the hall; ferry rascals to and from rugby or tap dancing and stay up late to pick up from parties and work experience.

Or you might be dying for an excuse to have a day off from work to have a break, pamper yourself and tap into your feminine side. You will simply enjoy yourself, whilst I create stylish, elegant artwork for you.

Valid reasons to celebrate: 40th or 50th birthday (just numbers picked at random!), your wedding anniversary, children just left home, Valentine’s Day or a day of pampering because you deserve it!

The genre of fine art, for me, is where my imagination and creativity can go wild. Shooting within your environment/home I can transform images into fine art using textures and design.  Just relax and have fun…..   Click here for Feminine Fine Art Portrait Gallery

Please call me on 07776035822 or email me at celia@celiamay.com for your specific needs and quotation.