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Feminine Fine Art Portraits

Show your feminine side

What to expect: Suitable for us women who daily trip over the kids shoes in the hall; ferry rascals to and from rugby or tap dancing and stay up late to pick up from parties and work experience; or you might be dying for an excuse to have a day off from work to have a break, pamper yourself, and tap into your feminine side. You will simply enjoy yourself, whilst I create stylish, elegant artwork you will feel so proud of.

Valid reasons to celebrate: a 40th birthday (just a number picked at random!), your wedding anniversary, children just left home, Valentine’s Day or a day of pampering because you deserve it!

The genre of fine art for me, is where my imagination and creativity can go wild. Shooting within your environment I can transform images into fine art using textures and design. Pattern like texture is found everywhere – it is possible to create a variety of interesting effects, enhancing the mood of the pictures; by toning and distressing the photograph the image becomes soft yet powerful, adding interest to the subject.

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