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I haven’t blogged enough – well yes ok I’ve only done it twice so far, I thought I’d show you what I get up to with my family.  I’ve been using the Fuji X10 quite a bit for family shots and I am pretty happy with the clean results.

This is the ‘Wild and Glorious‘ chapter…

We hiked 3-4 miles up to Skiddaw House (you can see it in the first photograph, lying on a hill in a copse of pine trees at the back of Skiddaw Fell.) It’s one of the most remote habitations in England and used to be a row of shepherd’s cottages – you could say it’s the closest to being a Mountain Hut as it gets in England!!


Hattie’s nearly made it before the storm comes in….


Mike & Millie are already waiting at the door of Skiddaw House!!  (Hattie & I last as always!)  P.S. Flare designed in electric blue – Millie’s favourite colour!



The beauty of our open countryside -I always try to shoot your photography sessions outdoors –  including the familiar landscapes and the environment in which you & your children live and grow up – it feeds the soul.

Anyone remember reading  ‘Tales with Romany’?  The books I had were my Great Grandmothers & I remember them so clearly – teaching me about all the wild flowers & birds along the wayside , fields & hedgerows. Oh I loved picking flowers to press and drawing ladybirds & birds into my little book.    I am thankful I appreciated & loved what we have around us, early on in my life.

CARADOC      Summers were spent up in Caradoc Cottage (my Mum’s family’s) in Shropshire.  Milk cooled in the stream and we had a generator for power.  I remember a little tin bath we used to share with our cousins.

Most importantly  do you really know why my memories are so vivid?  Yep – from my family photographs – the little tin bath out in the garden just by the brook ; fairy rooms made in the bracken; blackberries, crab apples and sweet chestnuts ; the wild hare we caught and chased around the garden.

These are a few photographs of the cottage as it is now – unfortunately my family sold it for £3000 in the 1980’s which is soooo sad…. anyway I wanted to post these to show you how important photographic memories are.

The track up to the cottage we used to get my Dad’s VW Beetle up in the 70’s and My Grandad’s Rolls Royce in the 40’s!!

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