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Chasing that Perfect Picture

Autumn, Autumn portraits, Birmingham, Celia May children

Wading, fishing and getting wet.

I’m not very good at this blogging  lark – I’m not from a generation that puts it out there, so that probably explains why I only blog a few times a year. I’m more a face to face people person, enjoy chatting on the phone & I used to love writing letters  – granted they were to friends & family so maybe I ought to treat blogging as writing a letter to a friend as cheesy as that sounds.  What do you think?

I chase moments – really, I do.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” Aaron Siskind

Autumn, Autumn portraits, Birmingham, Celia May children

Drying off & warming up with mmm…..hot choc

These little twins will most likely remember fragments from their shoot (2 photographs above) but having the story in pictures : in a book or on the wall they will remember it forever.

Nibbled moments…..They’re called moments because they don’t last very long.

Celia May_04_Blog

It’s not just the kids who need the attention…

Note to oneself: Avoid ditches and brambles

Creating the perfect picture requires that extra effort & I’ve had some funny mishaps during my career including a few weeks ago photographing a horse Meagan and her lovely teenage rider – the sun was sinking fast & it was just ‘light’ heaven. I was wearing my glasses!  Promise! Stepping backwards to get that perfect shot I fell bum first into a rather large ditch & the brambles & nettles caught & entwined me.  To get out I first had to rescue my cameras which were fine!! & I just had to put my feet into the muddy water to be pulled out.  All my lovely clients could say was I wish we had a camera!!!! We did have a good laugh.

Autumn, Autumn portraits, Birmingham, Celia May children

Doing my subjects justice before falling into a ditch

I’ll tell you another story. This is what my family get up to when I’m taking a day off:

It happened last month and I can promise we won’t introduce gale force winds to your session!
The day started damp and grey with a few brief rain clouds. We headed off from Haweswater on a hike, past Small Tarn & up Harter Fell, with my family including my 12 & 14 year old girls, Ollie-Jim (cavalier) & Chief (border terrier)
Mike & I have winter mountaineered in harsh weather but never been blown over as many times as yesterday.  Watching the wind whipping up mini tornadoes on the water across Small Tarn was just incredible.

One huge gust (out of hundreds) sent Debs (my sis-in-law), me. then Millie my eldest, falling to the right side in succession. Plop thud plop – only once the wind abated did we look at each other & laugh in hysterics.
Ollie-Jim wore a Rain Coat for the first time ever (I’m not into dog gear but I think he was actually grateful!)  He still looked like a drowned rat but his tail never stopped wagging.
Wow – this was the one and only pic before we battoned down the hoods and tried to keep our feet on terra firma!

Autumn, Autumn portraits, Birmingham, Celia May children

Whirlwinds up in the Lake District

Now winter is truly upon us and autumnal colours are still everywhere, huddle over some hot nuts, hot chocolate and enjoy the crisp fresh air.

Remember to chase me to capture your special moments….


For information on  a beautiful Winter Portraiture Session please call me, Celia on 0777 603 5822 or email celia@celiamay.com  and take advantage of the gentle soft light mother nature affords us at this time of year.

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Autumn, Autumn portraits, Birmingham, Celia May children

December colours